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Laziness, level 100

I have two articles underway, but for some reason I don’t feel like writing them. One isn’t even started yet, and the other is progressing at a snail’s pace. Basically, I am getting really lazy about it. Hope this goes away soon so I can produce some articles.

Reforms required by the Indian education system

I feel that the Indian education system is highly flawed. That is the reason India is not able to make a place for itself in the global space. Children are not taught to be creative, not to steal ideas or to pursue what they are interested in. Instead, they are told to get better marks, which generally come when they successfully memorize huge parts of a textbook. This should not be the case. Instead, children should be told about the different career options they have. This reduces load of studies and creates interest, which in turn produces more efficient individuals. More educated individuals are more likely to innovate and create industries – something India needs desperately right now, in nearly complete absence of the manufacturing sector. Continue reading “Reforms required by the Indian education system”

Problem solving

I have so many problems in life. Everybody does. I really don’t understand how people tackle it, I mean come on! Every person has a different take on life and each has a unique way to solve problems. But to ignore the problem completely and just let it pass, I doubt many people do that. This is referring to those who are aware they have a problem in the first place.  Continue reading “Problem solving”

A guide to get a beautiful yet smooth Skyrim experience

Reading this article requires some technical knowledge. Please play Skyrim once and visit Nexus Mods to understand what the author is trying to say here. – CXRomulus

Recently, PC Gamer UK voted Skyrim – the fifth installment for The Elder Scrolls series – as the best PC game. This can mostly be attributed to the extremely large modding community. Skyrim, since its inception, has been the most widely celebrated and critically acclaimed RPG (short for Role Playing Game) of the decade. And arguably so.No other game was neither so detailed nor large with such deep lore in it. Oh of course, you have the World of Warcraft’s Azaroth or The Legend of Zelda series‘ Hyrule, which arguably also are at the same levels Skyrim is but World of Warcraft is a MMO and The Legend of Zelda series is exclusive to Nintendo consoles. The Elder Scrolls series, on the other hand, runs on newer platforms having better graphic capabilities and hence, has gained immense popularity since then.

Continue reading “A guide to get a beautiful yet smooth Skyrim experience”

Apple App store vs. Google Play store: An in-detail review

A very huge article. Please bear with me. I’m not sure if I should even call this a review,  but you can read on. It’s very informative!

The roots of the battle

The whole thing started when Apple launched its App store back in 2008, which took the mobile app world by storm. It was the first time third-party applications were given such a large platform on the mobile, and something which turned the consumer’s focus from hardware and in-built software to third-party apps availability, since that was the future. Continue reading “Apple App store vs. Google Play store: An in-detail review”

The Ubuntu Edge: A step towards the future

The Ubuntu Edge: A step towards the future

I think that if this phone is successfully crowd-funded, it could be a big step in technology. Because I have heard a lot about device ecosystem, but device convergence is something I find much more intriguing. Its actually like a phone-cum-laptop, if you think about it.