A guide to get a beautiful yet smooth Skyrim experience

Reading this article requires some technical knowledge. Please play Skyrim once and visit Nexus Mods┬áto understand what the author is trying to say here. – CXRomulus

Recently, PC Gamer UK voted Skyrim – the fifth installment for The Elder Scrolls series – as the best PC game. This can mostly be attributed to the extremely large modding community. Skyrim, since its inception, has been the most widely celebrated and critically acclaimed RPG (short for Role Playing Game) of the decade. And arguably so.No other game was neither so detailed nor large with such deep lore in it. Oh of course, you have the World of Warcraft’s Azaroth or The Legend of Zelda series‘ Hyrule, which arguably also are at the same levels Skyrim is but World of Warcraft is a MMO and The Legend of Zelda series is exclusive to Nintendo consoles. The Elder Scrolls series, on the other hand, runs on newer platforms having better graphic capabilities and hence, has gained immense popularity since then.

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