A journey to Canada

//Warning. Very big post.

Chapter 1

I started from home, not sure if I was ready to begin a new life. I sat in the car, and couldn’t still believe people were coming to drop me in two cars because one was not enough. On the way, everything that I saw suddenly seemed close to my heart. The noodles shop near the gate of my building, whose noodles I praised a lot every time I ate it. The road, the people, Continue reading “A journey to Canada”


Laziness, level 100

I have two articles underway, but for some reason I don’t feel like writing them. One isn’t even started yet, and the other is progressing at a snail’s pace. Basically, I am getting really lazy about it. Hope this goes away soon so I can produce some articles.

Problem solving

I have so many problems in life. Everybody does. I really don’t understand how people tackle it, I mean come on! Every person has a different take on life and each has a unique way to solve problems. But to ignore the problem completely and just let it pass, I doubt many people do that. This is referring to those who are aware they have a problem in the first place.  Continue reading “Problem solving”