Reforms required by the Indian education system

I feel that the Indian education system is highly flawed. That is the reason India is not able to make a place for itself in the global space. Children are not taught to be creative, not to steal ideas or to pursue what they are interested in. Instead, they are told to get better marks, which generally come when they successfully memorize huge parts of a textbook. This should not be the case. Instead, children should be told about the different career options they have. This reduces load of studies and creates interest, which in turn produces more efficient individuals. More educated individuals are more likely to innovate and create industries – something India needs desperately right now, in nearly complete absence of the manufacturing sector. Continue reading “Reforms required by the Indian education system”


How reservation is killing India’s talent

I have many articles lined up, and I’m working on them simultaneously. But I felt this was more important. Spur of the moment thing. Just thoughts. No research.

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