WAR: A Human Apocalypse

If you look up the news a bit, you are sure to find a small tidbit about a war going on somewhere in the world. Hell, even if you visit Facebook, which let’s be honest almost everyone visits nowadays, you will find some people commenting & taking sides of a certain war of which they have no relations with. You might also find some idiots cracking jokes on those wars like it’s a game that’s happening. Continue reading “WAR: A Human Apocalypse”


Anime Review: Psycho-Pass


Psycho-Pass is set in a dystopian future where it is possible to instantaneously measure a person’s mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes with a device installed on each citizen’s body called the Psycho-Pass. It follows members of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division and the crimes they investigate. Continue reading “Anime Review: Psycho-Pass”

Dan Brown’s Inferno | Review |


Dan Brown might be one of the best author this world has seen in the fiction/thriller story writing. His books like The Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons have been bestsellers and have garnered a lot of attention. Dan Brown is now back with a book titled Inferno, though the book being a fiction, makes the reader think about the current world crisis. I wont go into details as it may spoil the book but I assure you this book will have you hooked till the end. Continue reading “Dan Brown’s Inferno | Review |”