About Akshit

Hi! My name is Akshit Tripathi. I’m from Hyderabad, India and am currently studying in Canada. I’m mad about technology and the latest developments in the field of hardware, software and internet. I also love to play PC Games and Tennis. I also like reading books (especially fiction), coding (C#, Java, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET), listening to music, watching movies, and talking to my PC, for which one day I want to develop an OS completely based on voice input and output (somewhat like Tony Stark’s JARVIS, if you will) which can actually help many people with vision related problems connect to the world of technology. I also like talking about life and how different people solve similar problems in their life with their own unique ways. It’s just fabulous to hear such stories. I have also attached a contact for here, in case, and my Twitter, Google+, and Facebook IDs are already available on the sidebar.