About Rakshith

Nothing much to say really. Another guy in my early twenties, addicted to computers, gaming, philosophy and has lost hope in humanity. In all seriousness though, I can be pretty random and also I tend to escalate things from a wisp to a thunderstorm at times. That’s pretty much it really. Ask Akshit about the blog and stuff. I am just an editor and wanna stay that way(if Akshit will let me stay that way that is).

Choice of music: Metal(folk), Rock(Hard), Rap(NO SWAG OR YOLO SHIT. Legit stuff. Like Eminem)
Hobbies: Blogging(NO SHIT!), Reading, Gaming, more Gaming, imagining(Yea. I count that as a hobby too. So deal with it)
Fave food: Home-made, Italian.
Fave Drink: ThumsUp
Fave Book: –Not decided yet–
Fave Movie: –Not decided yet–
Fave Genre in gaming: Open world Sandbox(eg: GTA) and Open world RPG(eg: TESV:Skyrim), FPS Military shooter(eg: Battlefield 3, Arma 2 and Arma 3), FPS (eg: Bioshock Infinite)