Canvas4 and Xolo Q1000S : The difference

Lava mobiles have recently launched the new xolo q1000 S. A pretty cool device for all the android lovers. The Canvas 4 on the other hand was launched a couple of months ago. These two mobiles have similar features though some of the specs differ.
Differences : The xolo have a 1.5 quad core processor whereas the canvas4 comes with a 1.2 quad core. The battery life of xolo is way better than the canvas4 as it has a 2500mah powered batttery compared to the 2000mah battery of the canvas4 and i have personally seen my friends complaining about the battery life of the canvas4. They end up charging their phones twice a day. The Q1000 S has a far better battery life. Next comes the internal storage. Canvas4 has a 16gb and also a micro sd slot expandable upto 32gb whereas the Q1000S has got not micro sd card slot option but it comes with a 16gb rom which is not bad either.


After taking all the points into consideration, I feel that xolo has an upper hand over the canvas4 and it comes at a cheaper rate as well.


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