Problem solving

I have so many problems in life. Everybody does. I really don’t understand how people tackle it, I mean come on! Every person has a different take on life and each has a unique way to solve problems. But to ignore the problem completely and just let it pass, I doubt many people do that. This is referring to those who are aware they have a problem in the first place. 

I personally just let it pass. I don’t really care about why the problem is there in the first place. The problem with explaining this is, that there are too many dynamics involved in this. What kind of problem I’m talking about, is it something limited to me or a problem I have with someone, et cetera. So to write it in words, I don’t know…

But the problem is that the problem is there. And we have to find a solution to problems because they grow over time and they cause you trouble if they are not taken care of. So I have adopted a few theories which help me go through the day without being depressed or irritated. These include but are not limited to:

  • Modern context application of Newton’s third law: If your morning went bad, your evening will be good. And vice-versa. Now this can be applied to almost any scale from an hour, to a day, even a year. And its not time-based. Its event based. So if you do something you love a lot in the morning, you may either have to do a not-so-interesting task from afternoon to evening, or a task you just simply hate for a small amount of time.
  • ‘Its happening for good’ psychology: I take any event as a step in the positive direction. This applies only for the big picture. I, too, like others of my age feel bad when I do bad at my exams, but I also look at it this way: all these failures are what are going to help me one day help someone else and make both our lives better. This doesn’t mean I don’t try hard enough, since I myself don’t like it if I know I gave up without trying.

These ideas may sound crazy, and they most probably are. But this is my way of solving problems, and till now it has proven to be effective. That’s what counts, for me.


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