How reservation is killing India’s talent

I have many articles lined up, and I’m working on them simultaneously. But I felt this was more important. Spur of the moment thing. Just thoughts. No research.

A little overview of what I’m trying to say

India is classified as a third-world developing nation. It is a young nation, with many ambitious individuals who have many ideas waiting to get converted into world-changing products, services and such. The country has many colleges. The good colleges have cut-off at 94% in their entrance exams. People study hard to get in. And many do. Their ideas get delivered to the world, and they get respect. Some become successful even when People tell their kids about them, and they say “This is what you get when you become rich and successful. To become like him one day, you have to study a lot!”. Now those kids may or may not be as intelligent as this guy, but they might be more creative and their ideas may be better. They might have succeeded more than him. But then comes along a system. A system that actually claims lives. And not just one or two, but many. This system is created by our own government, and this puts caste ahead of logic and hard work. This system is called the reservation system. It’s the reason for its creation and its current form are two completely different things.

Reservation: then and now

It began in 1982, when the constitution decided that 15% and 7.5% of the government jobs quota be reserved for SC and ST (Scheduled castes and ethnic groups) respectively, and this number will be reviewed after five years. In the 1990s, the indian prime minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh declared a 50% reservation for admissions and jobs in all government bodies. It was based on the Mandal committee’s ┬áreport about the effects of the past 12 years of reservation, which literally destroyed many lives. Since then, there has been no effort from the government to abolish this system. More details can be found on Wikipedia.

How it affects the citizens

Well, it is fairly simple, isn’t it? When V.P.Singh declared 50% as reservations, he shattered the dreams of many students who were hoping for a bright future. Many people committed suicides. It was a boon for the backward communities, but a nightmare for the General (unreserved) category. Many people who could have been successful couldn’t do it. Why? Because the job he was more capable of doing than his neighbor wasn’t offered to him. All because of reservations.

Present conditions

Right now, the matter has mostly cooled down. People have learned to accept the fact that this country still has laws based on the caste system, and that if they have to beat it, they will have to do some extra work. On the other hand, even if people in the reserved categories aren’t so good at a job, they are more likely to get it than their general category counterpart who may be more skilled than him. Simply because the government promised he would. This eliminates competition for them which may result in sloppiness and inefficiency of the workforce, especially government workforce. The minimum reservation is at 83.33% leaving only about 16% for the general category. And this also has conditions attached to it. If a reservation candidate performs extremely well, he is taken into the merit category, which again is a part of that 16%, thereby reducing chances even more for a general category person who landed in that 15-16% range. And even if a person from reservation quota is a millionaire, he still gets reservation because of his caste. So from this we can deduce that the successful guy could have well been a reservation quota student, while the dad and his family belonged to the general quota, so they couldn’t succeed unless they worked really hard towards making their future, they might soon run into problems.

Don’t get this wrong

Please don’t get this wrong. I’m not saying every person out there is like this. In fact, there may be many people in the reserved quota who believe that this should not be the case and these people don’t rely on the fact that they will get a government job, even if they don’t do so well. They want to live life on their own, not with the help which the government offers them. These are great people! They have dreams and good ideas and they work hard to make them come true. And at the end of the day, they are, after all, humans. It’s not their mistake, it’s the government’s. Instead of reducing reservation and giving a chance to deserving people, the government is creating a handicap for them. I just saw a picture a few days back, and I felt how true it was!

Such a true thought
Such a true thought

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