Why I would want to write a blog

I think this is one of the posts hardly anyone reads. I don’t mind. Just felt like I had to do this. No force anyway. Many good articles are out there, and many better than this. It’s up to you. Back to the topic.

Well, it’s a tough question. There are many answers. These range from “because I was bored’ to “because I have nothing better to do” to “because I want to deliver my ideas to the world”. There are several reasons why anyone would or would not want to write a blog, but more often than not, this has nothing to do with their literary skill. It is about delivering your ideas to the world. It is about participating in a community full of people who want to get known by writing something. Somewhat similar to newspaper column writers, just more broad ranged, and online in a community. And as WordPress says, “Creating a blog is not hard. Posting in it on a regular basis, keeping it up to date, that’s the toughie.”

As for my part, I write because I want to tell people my thoughts about things like gadgets, software, web, books, and life (but I doubt there will ever be a philosophical article from my side). This might include reviews, my personal thoughts, a re-blog (if I agree with what’s written), and probably any other way I can write a blog.

When I browse around the internet reading articles, and I see what people have written, I feel that everybody’s opinions on a topic are more or less different. Everybody focuses on different aspects. So I feel like I should write about it too, albeit in a different way. Basically, my inspiration to blog is blogs of other people. So that makes me respect everyone’s views, and yet have my own.

Part of it is also that is really just about writing what’s in your heart in human understandable language. And the best part is, that knowing the reaction is optional. In real life, if you say something, people will react to it, and you have to listen. But here? Here you have a choice – a freedom – that you can choose to see or ignore people’s response. Of course, your blog is in danger if you overdo it, but at least the liberty exists, right?

And then there are those moments when I read an article and I disagree with it. So this blog helps me tell people why I disagree with a certain article. It’s a wonderful thing when you know you are able to voice your opinion to the world in a forum which won’t just delete your words if it doesn’t match with others. Also, the criticism is positive since we are all matured people here. No one starts abusing the author if they disagree. Basically, everyone is open-minded. Thank god for that.

Well, that’s that. I really don’t know what to else to write. I already feel as if I’ve overdone it. To sum it up, my answer to why I would want to write a blog is that I feel that this is one of those ways in which I can express myself to the world in a manner which I like. That’s it. Really.

And look at that. My first philosophical post has just been written.


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